Sunday 30th August – The Promise of Spiritual Freedom

by Rev. Duncan Voice “When freedom is not an inner idea which imparts strength to our activities and breadth to our creations, when it is merely a thing of external circumstance, it is like an open space to one who is blindfolded.”Rabindranath Tagore Welcome A very warm welcome to our Service on this the lastContinue reading “Sunday 30th August – The Promise of Spiritual Freedom”

Sunday 23rd August – Not Beyond Belief

by Stuart Coupe In this contribution, I want to explore the responsibilities and difficulties concerning the principle of Unitarian religious freedom and its relationship to personal belief. To begin this Service you are invited to light a candle, or chalice, if it is safe for you do so. Chalice Lighting by Joy Croft As isContinue reading “Sunday 23rd August – Not Beyond Belief”

Sunday 16 August 2020

by Stephen Crowther “If it’s not within your grasp to change a situation that’s causing you pain, you can always choose the attitude with which to face this suffering.”(Viktor Frankl) “Whether someone is happy or not depends on how spacious their mind is – not what is happening externally” (From “The Path of Resilience” byContinue reading “Sunday 16 August 2020”