Sunday 21st June – Shades of Green

by Rev. Duncan Voice “God lifts up those who are bowed down” – Psalm 146.8 Welcome Welcome to our Service today. In nature, if Autumn is a time of harvest, Winter a time of stillness, Spring a time of awakening then Summer is a time of flowering. Yesterday we marked the summer Solstice and enteredContinue reading “Sunday 21st June – Shades of Green”

Sunday 31st May – Pentecost (Whitsun)

by Rev. Duncan Voice Welcome to our Sunday Service. We invite you to read through slowly and reflectively pausing where you feel necessary. We start with a chalice or candle lighting so please do join in at home if you wish to. “Whom God enlightened by His spirit must not be silent and must notContinue reading “Sunday 31st May – Pentecost (Whitsun)”

Sunday 17th May – To Wrestle and Rest in the Questions

by Stuart Coupe Today we welcome Stuart Coupe, Lay Leader at The Chapel, Billingshurst, to lead our Service. We invite you to read through these words of worship slowly and reflectively, pausing whenever it seems appropriate to you. We begin with our customary chalice lighting, which you may like to say at home as youContinue reading “Sunday 17th May – To Wrestle and Rest in the Questions”

Sunday May 10th – Practising Compassion

By Rev. Duncan Voice Dear friends, I hope this finds you safe and well. Today I was supposed to be celebrating with Horsham Unitarians at their anniversary service. Sadly this has had to be cancelled and so my heart-felt good wishes to any friends from Horsham who maybe reading this. I look forward to whenContinue reading “Sunday May 10th – Practising Compassion”

Practising Awareness – Sunday 26th April 2020

by Rev Duncan Voice Welcome to our Sunday Service. While we are observing social distancing restrictions I have been thinking about some things that we might do to develop, or deepen, our personal spiritual practise. This is my first offering. As usual you are invited to light a candle as part of this service. ThankContinue reading “Practising Awareness – Sunday 26th April 2020”